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Colour Film Craft Wings

Gifts n Crystal has bespoke colour film craft wing design*by the sheet. You can cut out and create as the need arises. However, we are changing to pre-cut packages of film craft wing designs shortly. The new packages will be easier to use, but are still intended for indoor-only – they don’t like water!

Our range of hand-crafted film includes heavenly angels, blue wrens, kookaburras, hummingbirds and butterflies – surely anyone would want one of our colourful beauties stuck to their bedroom window. We have 3D dragons ready to burn up your windows, wall art or suncatcher, and enchanting leadlight dragonfly film wing cutouts to add buzz to your cards and scrapbooks.

If you are tired of fairies, dragons and butterflies, our daisies and rainbow rose colour film cutouts are the perfect decorative touch for weddings and Valentines.

Gifts n Crystals colour film wings are made from a 100 UM clear plastic/vinyl transparency sheet which can be folded to your liking for a 3D effect. Keep in mind that although the colours are vibrant, they are semi-transparent, which means they will look their best on a pale background. They are not suitable for display on black, brown or deep-toned backgrounds.


If you can’t find the design you want, contact us. We are always willing to help.

*Please see the copyright notice for the hand-crafted film designs featured on this page.

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