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Octagon crystals

Crystal Octagons are eight-sided crystals, either machine or hand-cut. They can be used to decorate candelabra, ceiling lights and chandeliers. We supply different grades of octagon crystals with sizes ranging from 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 24mm and 30mm with either one or two holes for hanging.
Octagon Crystals are suitable for suncatchers, Christmas decorations, jewellery and a variety of crafts. We have Grade 1 diamond octagons with two holes available separately or in mixed packs of clear, Ab, blue, lilac and pink. We also supply bulk packs of chakra octagons in rainbow colours and mixed bulk packs of clear and coloured octagon crystals.
The octagon crystals we stock are of varying quality to cater for different budgets and uses. For high quality, budget priced crystals please see our A grade, machine cut octagons. Grade 1 is mid-quality and Grade 2 is hand cut K9 man-made lead-free crystal glass, and may have imperfections. The grade of each of our glass crystals is clearly listed, and advice on possible flaws is included on the pages of lower grade crystals.
If you are unsure about the quality of crystal you require or want to know more about our range, please contact our showroom.

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