Adhesive Leadlight Overlay Products

Leadlight Overlay – What is it?
It is the creation of a leadlight glass panel using adhesive lead strip and adhesive colored film onto a solid glass sheet panel.

Creating a leadlight feature with the overlay method has many advantages over traditional leadlight or stained glass methods.

The overlay panel is much lighter and does not require double or triple glazing (unless it is in a special area and is required by building standard codes)

You have more design freedom as unsightly reinforceing bars are not required. There are no limitations to the design or the size of the panel you wish to create. The entire construction is a solid piece of glass therefore it is stronger and not prone to warping, movement or deterioration as it gets older. The leadlight overlay will actually help to prevent shattering if the panel was to encounter an accident.

Make your home entry more private or reduce glare. The color film sheets are UV protected and guaranteed against fading or cracking. They will help to reduce direct sunlight into the home without blocking out the natural light. This may be helpful if you have a sunny room and wish to protect your carpets or furniture.

Leadlight overlay can be applied to any flat surface vertical or horizontal. You can decorate all your existing windows or other areas such as shower screens, mirrors, skylights, doors, sidelights, cabinets etc. This product is excellent for use on laminated or safety glass where usually you would not be able to enjoy the beauty of leadlight.

Add warmth and character to your home at an affordable price. Whenever you walk into a home which has leadlight features it always seems to evoke your emotions. Usually responding with an “Oh Wow” or “Beautiful” comment. You will be proud to show off your work to your friends and family.

Adhesive Leadlight Overlay Products

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