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Gifts n Crystals colour film craft wings and designs are handcrafted from 100 UM clear plastic film.
The wings / designs are supplied flat, you can bend the wings out yourself to suit your craft project.
To make suncatchers– join 2 or more designs together with clear double sided tape (scrapbooking tape is perfect) then bend the wings to the desired angle for a 3d effect.
Don’t use glue, it is too messy and does not stick plastic and may damage the print.
To stick the wing designs to walls or other hard surfaces simply use a dot of blutak.
For scrapbooking and card making use clear scapbooking tape as above.
Use our colour film designs for making suncatchers, wall / window decorations, scrapbooks, card making, cake decorating, wedding table decorations, childrens room decor, and many other home decor and craft projects.
Keep in mind that the film is clear so the colour will be transparent (see through) not a solid colour like being printed on white paper.
See the suncatcher photo attached for an example of the finished wings compared to the solid drawing of the pattern.
These products are designed for indoor use only.  They are handcrafted and are not weather proof.
~ choose from precut designs or uncut designs
~ uncut means you cut them out yourself with scissors
~ precut means we cut them for you
~ size- large 70x80mm   small 50mmx 555mm
~ handmade from clear plastic film
~ instructions included with this item
~ see detailed description below for more information
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